Villages by the Sea – BBC2

Archaeologist Ben Robinson reveals the history of some of our most picturesque seaside resorts in BBC2’s Villages by the Sea

In BBC2’s Villages by the Sea, first shown on BBC1 South West and the Channel Islands at the end of last year, archaeologist Ben Robinson reveals the important place that some of the UK’s prettiest seaside villages have in the nation’s social history.

He begins in enchanting Clovelly in north Devon and tells how one woman, Christine Hamlyn, turned the run-down fishing village into a picture-perfect hotspot for Victorian tourists.

Ben Robinson Villages by the Sea

Archaeologist Ben Robinson visits Clovelly, the resort from a bygone age, in BBC2’s Villages by the Sea

Even today, the privately owned village doesn’t allow cars and attracts over 150,000 visitors each year to its quaint cobbled streets.

It really is a reminder of a bygone age.

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TV Times rating: ****