Vincent is arrested!

Kim has a go at Donna when she sees her with Vincent, thinking they’re on a date! Her fury growing, Kim punctures Donna’s wheelchair tyre, forcing Vincent to take drastic action, carrying Kim back home. Determined to get her own back on Vincent, she announces she’s reporting him to the police for assault. When the police turn up to arrest Vincent, Kim insists she didn’t carry out her threat. So, who did call the police?

Masood bumps into Shirley and they have a heated exchange about Dean’s claim that Shabnam had his baby. Starting to suspect that Shabnam’s denial is a sham, Masood confronts his daughter. Forced to come clean to her dad, Shabnam is horrified when Masood storms over to Dean’s. Pleading with Masood not to confront Dean, Shabnam convinces him to come home, where Fatima drops another bombshell… She reveals the baby was fostered and she knows where the girl is!

Stacey regrets making a suggestion to Martin when he takes it the wrong way. Apologising for his flirty behaviour, Martin is grateful when Stacey says he can move into her spare room – as a friend. Confident he’ll soon win her round, Martin tells Kush that he’ll be marrying Stacey within the year.