Dean offers Paul a job following Lola’s disappearance. Vincent menacingly questions Paul about his claim Claudette and Les are having an affair. Paul backtracks, saying he was mistaken. When Vincent finds postcard that Les sent to Pam from Gran Canaria, he realises it’s the same card that Claudette sent him. Confronting Claudette, Vincent is told to keep his nose out of what he doesn’t understand. Claudette insists she’ll sort Paul.

Phil finds out Billy’s had a call from Lola. Demanding Billy tells Jay to call to him, Phil promises to bring Lola, Lexi and Jay home. When Jay meets with Phil he reveals how betrayed he feels, insisting he’s not coming back. Phil gives Jay a wad of cash, saying he’s still a Mitchell. At the police station, Marsden questions Ben, who is devastated to learn that Phil handed him over to the police by giving them Lucy’s phone and wallet. As Ben breaks down, Richie insists Marsden release Ben immediately, pointing out she has nothing on him. Back in the Square, Ben is cold with Phil, while Billy washes his hands of Phil for failing to bring Jay home.

Carol is terrified things are looking bad for Max, forcing Abi to tell her what she told the police. Keeble and Bryant bring Max to Albert Square to be present when they search the house. Carol bursts in, wanting to see her brother. Keeble is triumphant when the results come back from the lab – there is blood on one of Max’s shoes…