Vincent meets up with Ronnie, telling her he’s planning to get rid of Phil today. Although reluctant, Ronnie agrees to help Vincent with his plan to plant drugs in Phil’s safe. When Ronnie warns Vincent that Phil is dangerous, Vincent brushes off her concerns. Meanwhile, Kim tells Denise that someone has put an offer in on her share of the house.

Kathy tells Bobby that she’s going to confess to Ian that Bobby pushed Jane down the stairs. But with Ian full of thoughts of Lucy on the anniversary of her birthday, Kathy holds off, suggesting they help Martin on the stall to take their mind off things. Kathy takes Jane aside, telling her she knows what Bobby did and he may need help. When Bobby later has a tantrum after Jane refuses to buy him a bike, Jane finally admits to Kathy she’s worried about him.

Mick’s determined to give Elaine something to do, pleading with Dot to let her help with the auditions for the nativity play. It’s not long before there’s friction, when Elaine tells Billy that Janet is too old to be in the play. Dot disagrees, leaving Mick to make the decision.