Vincent invites Denise over to say goodbye to Emerald, as it’s her last day in the Square. When Denise turns up, she’s irritated to find Emerald lecturing Kim about her parenting skills. With the tension growing, Denise unexpectedly jumps in to defend Kim, despite their ongoing feud. A tipsy Emerald lands Denise with a bombshell… And tells her she’s not her daughter!

Shakil ends up in a fight at school over the nude pictures of him, and Carmel is called in to speak to the head. When Carmel tries to talk to Shakil about what’s happened, he shuts down. Instead, Shakil heads off to see Bex to talk things through, but he leaves Bex upset when he blames her for everything, insisting he wants nothing more to do with her.

Mick is under even more financial pressure when he finds out that he’s not insured to have the roof fixed. When he rings Linda, the conversation is tense. Also, Sharon and Phil prepare to fly out to the Amalfi coast in Italy to give Phil space to recuperate.