George is desperate to find Vincent and Phoebe, meanwhile they’re in Derry, preparing to meet with Phoebe’s mum. Mel couldn’t be less interested about her daughter’s engagement but signs the consent form regardless – the wedding’s on! Stung by her mum’s ridicule about them not having slept together, Phoebe gets back to the B&B and starts to take Vincent’s shirt off. He touches her lovingly, but with no sexual attraction and feeling like a failure, she bursts into tears.

John Paul is relieved that Patrick is on his side and calls Finn and Robbie’s parents in for a meeting. Finn takes the blame and gets suspended, while Robbie gets a week’s detention. John Paul returns to class and is upset when his students hand in their assignments, all with homophobic titles and messages of support for Finn. Danny spots this and offers more than support to his colleague – he wants a relationship again.

It’s clear there’s unfinished business between Grace and Trevor and he’s furious when Fraser tells him Grace is the boss now.

Tony’s heart sinks when he sees a package on the doorstep from The White Man, unaware it’s actually from Trevor and Sam is concerned when Trevor moves into the flat next door.