Violet enlists the help of Neville Chamberlain!

Violet pulls some strings and gets Neville Chamberlain, the Minister of Health and future Prime Minister, to come to dinner in a bid to get him to take her side in the dispute over the hospital, but the meal is interrupted when Robert collapses with a burst ulcer and has to have an emergency operation. But amid the panic, Mary grows suspicious about Marigold’s background.

Denker attacks Dr Clarkson for betraying Violet, but when Violet finds out she sacks her, only for Denker to blackmail Spratt into helping her keep her job.

Henry and Mary have another meeting, while Edith and Bertie share a kiss in London and Edith also appoints a new female editor.

Mr Mason moves into his new farm on the estate, but when Andy wants to find out more about pig-rearing in order to help him, he is forced to reveal to Thomas that he can’t read.

Baxter goes to court, but doesn’t have to testify as the defendant changes his plea to guilty. Meanwhile Carson is unimpressed when his wife cooks her first meal for him.