Violet recovers from her operation and is devastated to be told that not only has she lost her baby, she’s also lost one fallopian tube and the other is badly damaged. Violet is told that it will be extremely difficult for her to ever get pregnant again. Violet puts on a brave face and rebuffs Jamie’s attempts to console her.

Liam has spent all night fretting about who his mystery new business partner could be and he’s stunned and relieved when he speaks to Paul, who informs him that he’s bought Danny’s share of the factory!

Carla is less pleased about the news than Liam when she learns that Paul’s spent all his spare capital on buying into Underworld, as he insists that he can’t put any money into her new business venture – a children’s clothing business.

Jason moans to Sarah about having to miss work to look after Holly, but Sarah knows exactly how tough it is to be a single parent and tells him to get on with it and stop feeling sorry for himself. Jason finally clicks that the best way to work his way back into Sarah’s good books is by being a good father to Holly and he suddenly sees the responsibilities of fatherhood in a new light!

Also, Janice is pleased when her boiler breaks down again – it means she can get another visit from plumber Roger!