Violet proposes to Jamie!

Violet and Jamie agree to move as soon as possible before Sean discovers their plans and attempts to convince them to stay in Weatherfield. Violet wants Jamie to be baby Dylan’s dad and to prove it to him she takes advantage of the leap year and proposes! A surprised, but delighted Jamie accepts. Lauren discovers that Violet and Jamie are packing to leave and she races to the Rovers to warn Sean. Ryan is feeling down in the dumps as he feels excluded from things at the Rovers and in the way at newlyweds Liam and Maria’s house. Steve offers to take Ryan to school with Alex and Ryan sullenly turns him down. Ryan tries to prove to Michelle that he doesn’t need her by telling her that Maria has made him his packed lunch. David is convinced that Tina is trying to test his love for her and he tells Darryl that he’s going to do something big to prove how much he cares for her. David decides on having Tina’s name tattooed on his arm but Darryl isn’t convinced that it’s the best idea. Also, Kelly steals some of Underworld’s seconds to sell at her knicker party; Steve considers moving the family to a bigger house. *Second episode, 8.30pm* Sean is stunned when Lauren comes bursting in and tells him to drop everything now, as Violet and Jamie are about to leave for London with the baby. Sean rushes out into the street to see Jamie chucking the last of their things into the car. Jamie speeds off before Sean can get to them. A devastated Sean returns to the flat to find only a note and some cash to pay off the flat deposit. David has talked Darryl into going to the tattoo parlour with him and the boys nurse their wounds. Darryl is a touch embarrassed about going for the tattoo, but David can’t wait to show Tina. David meets Tina after her day out with her ex and there’s something on her mind. But David gets in first and reveals his tattoo. Tina has a go at him for being insecure. Dan pops into the Italian for lunch and orders a slap-up meal. Leanne tells Dan that he must pay his way, but Dan refuses and tells her that Paul will be picking up his bill. Also, Vicky is horrified when she discovers that Kelly is stealing the factory seconds and insists that she stop it straight away.