Violet threatens to shop Marcus

Violet is still livid with Sean for finding out the sex of her baby against her wishes and telling all of their friends. Jamie takes Violet to the cafe for a chat and persuades her to forgive Sean, but she’s not about to forgive Marcus. Violet tells a worried Marcus that she’s going to report him for breach of confidence. Sean pleads with Violet not to put Marcus’s job in jeopardy.

Fiz and Maria are struggling to pay their rent and Fiz suggests letting John move in with them to help pay the bills. Maria is happy to agree to the arrangement and when Fiz broaches it with John, he finds it difficult to refuse. John seems genuinely happy about the prospect of living with his girlfriend, but he seems to forget that Rosie will be just across the road.

Sarah is desperate to move out of the Platts to escape her manipulative brother and she takes a part-time evening job waitressing at Leanne’s restaurant. Sarah rushes home to tell Jason her news, but she’s furious when she finds him in the pub, drinking the money she’s earning!

Also, Jodie is fed up that Lloyd has dumped her before they’ve had a chance to go on a proper date.