Violet’s perfect day is spoiled by Sean

Violet and Jamie return from Carol’s wedding in good spirits and it’s clear that they’ve enjoyed spending time with each other. Violet is exhausted after the long journey and she heads straight for bed, but she’s furious when Sean and Marcus get home from the pub and they wake her up with their loud music. Violet begins to wonder how good a dad Sean will really make.

Hayley is furious with Roy for insisting that she came clean to Christian and she thinks she’s lost her son for ever. Becky encourages Roy to leave her in charge of the cafe while he talks to his wife and tries to save his marriage. Hayley refuses to accept Roy’s peace offering and she makes it clear that she can’t forgive him.

Cilla returns from her American travels laden with pressies and Fiz is delighted with Cilla’s generous birthday gift, even if she does have to pay her mum’s taxi fare! Cilla claims that she’ll be returning to Vegas sometime soon to open a British-themed diner!

Also, Paul videos Tyrone singing to himself and sends the clip to everyone in the pub; Sally thinks Kevin’s ‘common behaviour’ has put John off.