Liam and Bianca don’t see each other any more and Liam is wary about contacting her. He knows that she loves Vittorio and he doesn’t want to keep causing himself grief. So he’s confused when Bianca asks him out for lunch and doesn’t know what it represents, but he agrees. At lunch he asks about Vittorio and Bianca reveals things aren’t what they appear. She and Liam might still have a chance!

Alf is having nightmares about Tulip. Miles is surprised, this is nothing like Alf’s usual self, and he becomes worried when Alf says he wants to speak to Penn to sort things out. He promises to be civil but Miles asks Irene to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Alf is not happy when Irene comes to see him and realises that Miles must have told her to keep an eye on him.

John is going ahead with April’s bus project and Xavier pleads with April to tell the truth before John goes too far. Gina overhears the conversation and is horrified they’re leading John on. But she then learns John knows what the kids are up to. Gina and John decide to let the kids sweat…

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