Viv’s barbed remarks have got Jamie wondering, but he’s stunned when she finally snaps and accuses him of murdering Tom King. Jamie denies that he had anything to do with the murder, while an unseen Jasmine looks on.

Meanwhile, Bob is being questioned by the police but it’s clear that his confession doesn’t hold water.

David makes up with Del and reveals that he’s thinking of going into business with Pollard. Del warns David to be careful around Pollard where money is involved. David talks to Val and suggests that Pollard takes a paternity test to ensure that they really are son and father. Pollard is forced to reluctantly agree.

Andy has a word with Jo and reveals that he’ll be there for her if she ever wants to talk about her problems with her mother. But Katie interrupts just as Jo is about to open up about her past.

Jo later tells Andy that she hasn’t spoken to her mum since she was a teen after one of her mum’s boyfriend’s tried it on with her, then made out to her mum that she was being a Lolita. Andy’s heart goes out to her and Katie is put out when she sees the pair hugging.

Also, Marlon admits to Zak that he’s missing Donna and the kids. Zak suggests they make a start on the house to take his mind off things.