Viv and Ric have a dilemma

In hospital, Ric struggles to deal with Viv’s news that their baby has a serious chromosomal disorder. Viv explains how difficult it would be to raise a child with disability, and tells him the doctors recommended she terminate the pregnancy. However, having bonded with her unborn child, Viv is unsure whether to go through with the termination, although if she did continue with the pregnancy, her marriage to Noel might not survive the strain.

Ric urges Viv to wait longer if she is having doubts, but says he will support her no matter what. After Matilda learns what’s happened she and Ric decide to be there for Viv if she wants to keep the baby. But when Noel arrives at the hospital, he’s adamant that Viv comes home with him, and Ric will fight again. Ric refuses and Noel’s tactics have no effect. But with Noel under threat from his punters if he doesn’t get a rematch, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make Ric fight.

Jazz and Miles share an awkward first date over a picnic lunch which only gets worse when they are spotted on the beach by some students. But things get better and they end their picnic with a kiss.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday June 17*

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