Mrs Tembe continues to meddle in Josh’s affairs by calling a meeting with Reverend Viv, who’s still under the misapprehension that Josh did time for armed robbery. Mrs Tembe reluctantly informs Viv that Claire was making eyes at Josh and fears Claire has hopes of a relationship – she admits she feels responsible for introducing them and questions whether Josh be trusted. Viv, not knowing the implications of her words, suggests that a relationship might be a good thing and recommends that Mrs Tembe try and keep her distance from Josh now and let him get on with his life.

When Emma confesses to Niamh that she told Al about her crush, Niamh fears she’s becoming the latest topic of office gossip. Emma tries to reassure Niamh that Al won’t take much notice but, later, Al attempts to make a move on Niamh – he still fears Emma misunderstood Niamh’s feelings but he knows that if there’s any chance that Niamh reciprocates his feelings, he can’t let her slip through his fingers. After several missed opportunities, Al finally asks Niamh to join him at the Icon for lunch and is taken aback at her frosty response.

Also, when a group of school girls mysteriously fall ill, Zara makes a shocking discovery.