Viv is feeling unwell on the day of Donna’s passing out parade as a special constable and it’s left to Kelly to accompany Donna to the ceremony, while Marlon, Bob, Paddy and Viv promise to follow on behind. Disaster strikes when the car breaks down on the moors and Viv’s waters break. An overwhelmed Bob delivers the first of the twins, and Paddy is forced to deliver the second one!

Meanwhile, an upset Donna has no idea about what’s been happening and is forced to collect her warrant card with only Kelly to congratulate her.

McNally pushes Jasmine for some dirt on Jamie in the wake of her revelations about the picture. Jasmine feels uneasy about McNally’s request as she doesn’t want to betray her friend. Jasmine sees Jamie and assures him that McNally has nothing on him.

Jasmine is horrified when she returns home and discovers that the camera with the pictures has been stolen and she worries about who the thief could be.