So all that nonsense about Hazel and Bob being a couple has been cleared up. Viv knows that they’re just mates and is glad that she and Hazel are still mates, too. And Hazel has told Bob that she’s told Viv there’s nothing between them except friendship. So everyone’s clear: there are no relationships, just friendships. Except Viv surprises Hazel and Bob with the news that she’s found someone new. Really? Well, no, Viv’s lying to them, but they don’t know that.

Rhona has another man and he’s very real, but she doesn’t want to talk about him – especially to Marlon. Well, how would she tell him that she’s fallen for his best mate, Paddy? She’d better find a way to say something soon because giving Marlon the cold shoulder is just confusing him.

There’s trouble at the B&B, too. Val hasn’t got herself a tomboy and Pollard hasn’t set fire to the kitchen. It’s that teen terror Amy; she’s run away from her foster family again and wants Victoria to help her hide in the B&B’s cellar. And we all know Victoria can never resist a bit of mischief.

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