Viv hits Bob with demands for a divorce!

Viv thinks talking to Gennie about her one-night stand with Bob will help her decide how she feels. But Gennie would rather talk about how it affected her. That’s why she discovers the painful way that when you’re talking to a wife – Viv – about sleeping with her husband – Bob – it’s best not to whinge about how it has ruined your life. Furious with Gennie’s ‘woe is me’ attitude, Viv slaps her face – hard. Then she decides what to do about Bob… She locks him out of their home and tells him she wants a divorce – and custody of the twins!

Aaron has a bad day, too, as he starts his community service. Adam decides his mate needs a good night out and offers to go to a gay bar with him. Hmmm… Five months ago, Adam was making life difficult for Aaron after he tried to kiss him, now he wants to go on a night out with him. Is he sending Aaron mixed messages?

One man who is enjoying himself in Emmerdale is Declan. He’s bought a house in the village and Nathan is furious. Then he winds up Cain by giving Charity a tour of his new home…

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