Viv is confronted by Freddie

Viv cashes in the twins’ savings to pay Rebecca and meets her in the park. Rebecca hands Viv a tape of Freddie admitting to setting Viv up. Rebecca leaves and Viv is confronted by Freddie, who grabs the twins’ pram to force Viv to hand over the tape. Freddie secretly plants an envelope in the pram then destroys the tape. Viv sees Ross and begs for help but when the wad of cash is discovered Ross is forced to take Viv to the police station for questioning.

Jo has her first day at the Woolpack and is a big hit with the punters, making both Jasmine and Andy jealous. Diane persuades Jo to stay after work for a drink, although Andy accuses her of neglecting her duties. Jo drinks too much and is sick in the barn on her return home. Andy is disgusted with her behaviour.

Anna befriends the Dingles and invites them to Donald’s second birthday party. Donald is impressed by how Anna handles herself but tells Carl that he knows she isn’t all good. Carl is reassured to know that Donald is happy to keep him as MD of the company.

Also, Nicola has no luck trying to get Rodney’s book published.