Bob feels awful about sleeping with Gennie and confesses to Terry. Bob determines to go to prison to tell Viv the truth, but when he arrives he discovers that she’s already been released! Meanwhile, Viv returns to the village and is pounced on in the shop by Brenda, who thinks she’s a thief. Bob races back to the village and has an emotional reunion with his wife, but he struggles with his naughty secret.

Debbie has another encounter with Michael when he brings his car to the garage to have some work done. Debbie introduces him to Cain and he’s relieved to discover that Cain is her father and she’s currently single. Michael invites Debbie on a date and they have a great time, but Debbie decides not to tell him that she’s got a daughter. Debbie hopes for another date, but is left disappointed when she discovers that he lives some way away.

Turner is stunned when Eddy asks him if he’d like to go traveling with him. Turner goes for a spin with him on his bike and has a great time and agrees to join him on his tour. In The Woolpack, Eddy regales Turner’s friends with tales of his hell-raising days.