That habit Nicola has of acting first and thinking later comes back to bite her… Viv is determined to find out whose teeth left an imprint on Cathy’s arm and her little girl eventually says it was Nicola. Furious at the treatment of one of her cubs, Viv roars into action. She tracks down Nicola at Home Farm and confronts her in front of Natasha and Declan. Does Nicola have any defence?

Nathan is another person at Home Farm struggling to find a safe footing… Natasha and Declan are running the business and freeze him out of their meetings. Nathan doesn’t like to feel powerless and thinks he can buy back his mother’s trust with the money he blackmailed her into giving to him. Yes, he really is that stupid. But Natasha’s not… is she?

And how stupid is farmer John? Will he let Eve wrap him around her little finger? She certainly has his attention… Eve is having the time of her life at Butler’s Farm but it’s not the work she’s enjoying. She’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and all farmer John can see is the fluffy coat. Now the fluffy coat wants him to buy her lunch… or does she want to have him for lunch?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Biting Cathy has left Nicola vulnerable to a very snappy Viv… Nicola tries to explain that she was trying to teach Cathy a lesson but Viv is having none of it. In despair, Nicola tells Jimmy how her big mouth has got her into deep trouble and Jimmy suggests she apologise to Viv. But it’s too little too late. Viv has reported Nicola to the police and two officers turn up and arrest Nicola for assaulting a minor.

Meanwhile, Aaron, the other Emmerdale resident on an assault charge, takes steps to get his life back to normal… It’s time he showed his face in the village so he takes Clyde for a walk. But this takes Aaron past the garage where he tried to kill himself. It’s one of those fight-or-flee moments: stay and fight his demons, or run. Cain offers Aaron a cup of tea and he stays. It’s a small step, but it’s a start…

Nathan thinks he’s bought back into Home Farm, but Declan is quick to show him otherwise… Thinking he has re-established himself as master of the manor, Nathan reverts to being an obnoxious bully and his first victim is Katie. But Declan is quick to put Nathan in his place – and it’s not as anyone’s boss.

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