Viv surprises Ric

Viv’s husband Noel visits Ric at work and invites he and Matilda over for dinner at his place. Ric tries to decline, but Noel won’t listen, and Viv isn’t any more helpful when he tries to get out of the dinner invite. Later, Ric is in the shower, when Viv arrives to collect her car. When Viv realises Ric is alone in the garage taking a shower, Viv strips off and joins him!

Still shaken from her late night visit from Jack, Martha pays him a visit. After Jack reasserts his love for her, Martha says if that’s the way he feels, then he shouldn’t be marrying Sam. But they are both unaware that Rory has overheard their conversation, and after witnessing his subsequent bad behaviour towards Jack, Sam persuades Rory to tell her what’s upsetting him.

Sam is shocked when she learns what Martha suggested to Jack and tackles Jack over the issue, but he plays everything down, insisting the wedding will go ahead. Later, Sam attacks Martha for putting doubts into Jack’s mind about the wedding and tells her to keep away from them.

Also, Heather and Brad have job interviews, with Heather getting work at the hospital.

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