Viv’s search for Freddie turns violent

Bob worries when Viv starts having nightmares about Freddie. Bob is even more uneasy when Viv takes to distributing e-fits of Freddie door-to-door, but he reluctantly agrees to help out. In search of Freddie a desperate Viv accosts a stranger thinking it is him. The stranger is about to call the police, but Bob pleads with him to back off. Viv is mortified when Donna reprimands her after Bob fills her in.

Shadrach is surprised to find Gennie and Brenda at the door. Brenda apologises for getting off on the wrong foot and reveals that she always vowed to not get in the way of their daughter getting to know her biological family. The Dingles look through baby photos of Gennie that she and Brenda have brought round and persuade Brenda and Gennie to stay for dinner.

Katie is disappointed when Jonny sides with Perdy and says he can’t go to the engagement party. Chas then cancels to have dinner with the Dingles and the guest list sinks to zero when Donna and Marlon do likewise. Gray has to comfort an upset Katie.

Also, Val bribes Jasmine to find out when Horse and House competition’s mystery customer will be visiting.