VJ attacks Tank!

Oscar tells Skye to stay away from Tank, but his advice doesn’t go down well. There is more trouble in store for Tank, as VJ attacks him when he sees him at the Surf Club with Skye. Tank’s meeting with his parole officer goes smoothly and Greg apologises again to Zac and Leah, but Leah tells Greg that Tank needs to stay away from her family. Tank decides to keep a low profile and tells Skye they can’t be friends – but will her impulsive kiss change his mind?

Hunter is hurt that Olivia has decided to abort the baby without consulting him, but he does his best to support her decision. As Olivia arrives at the abortion clinic, there are protestors outside, which makes her nervous. Olivia bravely goes through with the procedure and feels sick afterwards. She refuses to eat, despite Irene and Hunter fussing over her. When left alone, Olivia breaks down.