VJ and Billie attend an antenatal class

Billie panics that the truth will come out in her and VJ's first antenatal class

Billie and VJ are on their way to their first antenatal class, but Billie pretends to feel dizzy at the class so they can leave. Why does she really want to leave early?

Later at The Diner, VJ tells friends and family about their engagement, but how will Billie react? She has bigger troubles, though, when VJ finds an old note from Billie, which could have serious consequences…

Ash and Kat can’t keep their hands off each other. Kat sneaks out of Ash’s caravan in the early hours of the morning, but will she spot the mystery photographer who has been following her?

When Zac meets Samantha at a motel, he gets the shock of his life when he bumps into another Summer Bay resident. Will his secret finally be exposed?