Leah chases after VJ to explain why she told him his father was dead. VJ is beyond upset, but Leah tells him she had no choice. VJ eventually accepts this and asks to speak to Elijah about his dad’s last moments. Elijah explains that his dad thought about him all the time, which is a comfort to VJ. Elijah feels like he’s let Leah down. He decides to spend some time away, much to her disappointment. But he can barely stay away and rushes back into her arms.

Xavier and Ruby are at the farm. Ruby distracts Martha while Xavier goes to get the box of money. But he’s shocked to find it’s gone. Martha approaches Xavier with the box, asking if this is what he’s looking for. Xavier explains that it was an inheritance left by Hugo, who asked him to do something good with the money. Martha promises not to tell Gina.

Colleen suggests an old WW2 Battery would make a good hiding place. Xavier heads there and is shocked to discover a picture of him and Hugo, along with a fresh loaf of bread. Xavier tries to piece everything together, realising that someone has stayed there recently. Who would be in possession of this photo?

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