Jamie sends Leah a text with a photo of her sleeping the night before and she’s totally freaked out. Liam insists she calls the police but they seem of little help. Meanwhile, VJ has had enough and, without telling anyone, heads to the beach to confront Jamie.

But VJ only riles Jamie who loses his temper and grabs his arm, hurting him in the process. Fortunately, Leah and Liam arrive just in time and Liam escorts Jamie away as he vows he’ll never give up on her.

Leah’s had enough and makes a spur-of-the-moment decision – she and VJ are leaving town. She tells everyone her parents have offered them a holiday but Liam sees through her excuse, though he understands her motives. With the hope that Jamie will forget them, Leah and VJ drive away from Summer Bay.

It’s Casey’s big day in court and he’s very nervous, though Brax and Natalie try to keep him positive. Sergeant Emerson gives a fair portrayal of events but the prosecutor is good and paints a negative picture of Casey for whom things get too much and as his anxiety takes control he flees the court. The following day, Casey feels more in control and more positive but his lawyer arrives with bad news – it seems Tamara has skipped town.