VJ is furious with Zac

Will VJ throw Zac out of the house?

VJ confronts Zac about cheating on Leah and is furious when his stepfather finally admits he’s been unfaithful. Hunter returns home and is left disgusted when he too finds out that Zac has been unfaithful. Hunter listens to both VJ and Zac and feels caught in the middle. Will he have to choose between his best friend and his father?

Meanwhile, Roo’s like a love sick puppy as she has a new man! When Irene sees that she keeps receiving text messages from someone called James, she assumes it’s Roo’s cheating ex. Roo tries to convince Irene it’s a completely new James, but Irene doesn’t believe her. Later, Roo sneaks off to meet her new boyfriend – who is half her age!

Also, with Marilyn concerned about John’s upcoming trial, John is struggling to face up to the consequences of his actions. The couple can’t afford a top lawyer, so they settle for a legal aid defence lawyer called Lachlan Piers. Will Lachlan be able to keep John out of prison?