Is VJ making the right decision?

VJ prepares to start a new life with Luc away from Summer Bay

Leah struggles to come to terms with the idea that VJ is taking Luc to Cyprus. She tells him that he will be a single father in a foreign country, but VJ isn’t deterred and is dedicated to doing the right thing for Luc. VJ tells Ash he’ll make sure that he stays in touch and everyone makes peace with the fact that VJ leaving with Luc is the best decision for everyone.

Close family and friends throw VJ a leaving party and Leah gives VJ his dad’s wedding ring as they say an emotional farewell. Meanwhile, Mick suspects Ash is planning to leave town with Luc. Will VJ manage to leave with Luc before he’s caught by Mick’s lawyers?

Elsewhere, Willow has been given 24 hours to come up with the money she owes Boyd or there will be tragic consequences. So Justin comes up with a plan to help Willow – but will she be able to go through with it?

At dinner, Tori puts on a brave face with Ash and comforts him over the departure of Luc. However, when she gets home, she breaks down to Justin over the news that Ash is going to have a baby with Kat.