VJ says goodbye to Luc

VJ hands Luc over to Ash and Kat

Leah finds VJ reading to Luc and is left heartbroken that her son will part ways with his daughter. As Kat and Ash arrive to pick up Luc the next morning, Leah’s furious with the couple and reminds them that the current situation is only temporary. When Kat and Ash arrive home, Luc begins to cry and they struggle to console her. Are they in over their heads with a new baby?

Meanwhile, Brody arrives home with some food shopping and starts to cook the family a slap-up meal. As he hangs his coat up, Brody doesn’t notice that the drugs he needs to sell from the Zannis has fallen out of his bag.

As the family enjoys Brody’s cooking, Buddy the dog finds the paper bag of drugs and eats them. The next morning, Raffy steps in Buddy’s vomit and the family race him to the vets. Will the Morgans finally find out that Brody hasn’t kicked the habit?