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Move over, grown-ups, The Voice Kids is back, ready to show that if you've got talent, it doesn't matter how old you are

Move over, grown-ups, The Voice Kids is back, ready to show that if you’ve got talent, it doesn’t matter how old you are

Britain’s Got Talent may be over for another year but, fret not, because The Voice Kids is back to brighten up our Saturday nights.

The red chairs

The infamous red chairs

And this third series sees the return of a familiar face as, sitting alongside coaches will.i.am, McFly’s Danny Jones and pop princess Pixie Lott in one of those iconic big, red, spinning chairs is singer-songwriter – and original Voice UK mentor – Jessie J.

“Yes,” Jessie J told TV Times.  “The first time I did this was seven years ago now and I was practically a kid myself!

“But having some time away, I’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot.

Jessie J

Jessie J is back with a bang

“It’s nice being back with will.i.am, and Pixie and Danny are really great.

“And these kids are amazing!”

And, as she soon discovers, these youngsters are definitely a force to be reckoned with! Jessie won the Chinese talent show Singer last year, so she knows exactly how the young wannabe popstars will be feeling.

“Being the only non-Chinese artist on a show with established Chinese artists, the pressure I felt to perform just one song a night with the audience and the cameras there was immense.

“I was terrified as an adult, so I can imagine what an eight-year-old feels like coming out to four big red chairs facing the other way.”

Jessie’s got the chops, and clearly has the experience, but will she end up with the winner on her team?

TV Times rating:: ****