Vulnerable Peri buys a pill from Stan!

Peri and Nico go to The Loft where an out of control Peri buys a pill from Stan. Cameron arrives and forces Peri to spit the pill out and carries her home.

Meanwhile, Holly is grateful when Jason makes posters to find Cindy and suggests holding a fundraiser to pay for a private detective. Jason tells Holly he loves her and she says it back. At the boat, Jason’s approached by Stan who tells him to get his steroids back within 24 hours… but Jason knows they’re all gone!

Also, Freddie visits Joe and winds him up enough for Joe to admit what Lindsey is planning. Joe lunges at Freddie and two guards have to pull them apart. Freddie leads Lindsey to believe he’s fallen for her plan and asks her to go for a drive. He locks the doors and speeds away. In a panic, Lindsey tells Freddie he’s the father of her baby!