Wade dumps Lauren

Lauren is hurt when Wade makes it clear he thought their evening together was a one-off. Wade realises that Lauren isn’t over Newt and tells her it won’t work between them. Meanwhile, Anita meets Ricky in the skate park and he wows her with a new trick. Anita wants to go back to Ricky’s house, but he is strangely evasive.

Ash calls Ravi a coward for pulling out of the fight and Ravi reluctantly agrees to continue to train. Kris is stunned when he sees Ravi training and almost tells Ash the truth but Ravi silences him with a punch. Later, Ravi apologises to Kris, but tells him that he needs Ash’s approval. Ash warns Kris to stay away from Ravi and Kris finally tells Ash about Ravi’s brain aneurysm.

Zak confesses to Hayley about Warren’s loot when she puts him under pressure to reveal what’s bugging him. Hayley wants Zak to share the money with her but he turns her down so she steals his keys and heads to the flat. Zak realises what’s happened and dashes home to stop her but they discover the money has gone missing. Accusations fly as Archie gets home but Elliot reveals he used his 250 pounds to buy a safe to keep it in.

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