Walford loses a leading light

Peggy lies to the police about the cause of the fire. Peggy confronts Stacey and tells her she wants her to take the blame for the fire in exchange for Peggy keeping quiet about Stacey murdering Archie. Stacey is desperate not to leave Lily without a mum. She begs Peggy to think what it is to be a mum and it hits a nerve with Peggy.

Peggy tells Ronnie and Roxy that she and Phil are going to leave Walford to start again. Ronnie begs Peggy to stay and reveals that she’s having a baby! Meanwhile, Phil wakes up and realises the devastation he’s caused. Peggy tells Phil she’s taking him away to look after him. Phil insists that it’s about time he looked after himself. Peggy realises he’s right and tells Phil she’s leaving to let him get on with his life. Peggy looks at the Square one last time before leaving Walford for ever…

Janine is annoyed that Ryan as gone AWOL when they’re about to go off on honeymoon. Ryan is at the hospital visiting his daughter and he asks Stacey why she didn’t tell him the truth before. Ryan gets back to the Square and he and Janine head off on honeymoon. Stacey returns with Lily and watches Ryan go.

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