Walford says a sad farewell to Pat

It’s the day of Pat’s funeral. Tiff gives David a toy Ferris wheel from Clacton that Pat gave to her. Ricky tries to say a few words at the service, but is too upset to continue. Janine takes over and gives a moving tribute to her stepmum. The coffin is carried out to Pat’s favourite song, Sweet Caroline. At the grave the mourners throw earth on the coffin. Mandy throws down white rose petals in tribute to her and Ricky’s dead daughter.

Bianca notices the glance between Ricky and Mandy at the funeral and she kicks off at the wake. Bianca is floored when Ian reveals that Mandy and Ricky had a daughter. Bianca gives Ricky a chance to confess and when he doesn’t she tells him that they are over. Back at the Butcher’s Carol packs to leave with David. Derek lashes out at Carol and tells her to do as he says.

Lauren gets drunk on alcopops provided by Lucy at the funeral and she’s sick behind a gravestone. Max and Tanya are horrified and drag her home. Lauren threatens to jump out of the bedroom window. Max forces her into bed. Tanya and Max wonder what they’re going to do about Lauren.