Nutty inventor Wallace (voiced by Peter Sallis) and his long-suffering dog Gromit run a pest control business.

The good people of Tottington’s vegetable patches are being overrun with rabbits, but the duo are too soft-hearted to kill the pests.

Then, on a night with a full moon, Wallace has the bright idea of using his new ‘Mind-o-matic’ machine to brainwash his captured bunnies to stop them eating vegetables. Instead, his genes are mixed with those of a rabbit and he inadvertently creates a massive were-rabbit monster!

Funny, charming and sublimely silly, this stop-motion animated comedy is magnificent.

The story has the big-budget scope and spectacle of Hollywood, but the quirky humour is quintessentially British.

There are movie in-jokes, clever puns and laugh-out-loud sight gags by the score. When Gromit takes to the skies in a toy plane, the film hits a peak of hare-brained hilarity, while the more sophisticated viewer will appreciate the references to classics such as King Kong and the cheese-loving Wallace’s library, which includes East of Edam, Fromage to Eternity and Waiting for Gouda.