Wallop! Cain punches Dan

When Dan tries to get justice for Kerry, Cain lets his fists do the talking in Emmerdale

When Cain bans Kerry from seeing her grandson, she’s heartbroken. But Dan is determined to help. At the garage, Dan confronts Cain over his decision about keeping Kyle from Kerry, but the mechanic refuses to change his mind. As a fight breaks out, Cain wallops Dan unaware that Kyle is watching…

Later, there’s further drama for Cain when he tells Moira he wants her back. Will she give him another chance?

On their way to a physio appointment with Eliza, Megan accidentally drives into the car in front of her. Jai can see his ex is distracted and is all ears when she opens up to him.

Elsewhere, Chas starts plotting a surprise birthday party for Charity, and Rebecca comforts Chrissie who’s stressed about Lachlan.