Hunter, Olivia and VJ are having breakfast when they are stunned to see Wally walk into The Diner. Wally’s eager to speak to Hunter alone, and Hunter is just as eager to hear what his dad has to say. Wally explains that Claire is coming to terms with the news, yet things will take time to get back on track. Wanting make up for all the things he has missed out on, Wally offers Hunter a $50,000 cheque. Will Hunter take it?

Meanwhile, Brody’s feeling better about things after spending the night at Irene’s house. He explains that his misses his business and that he struggles to be around Ziggy as he became dependent on her before rehab. Irene encourages him to be honest with Ziggy, so they can have a friendship later down the line. Brody finds Ziggy and explains how he feels; however, they’re interrupted by angry Ben. Ben even goes as far as to threaten Brody to stay away! Later, Ziggy gives her dad a piece of her mind but is unaware that Zannis has been watching her every move and he kidnaps her!

Also, Maggie, John and Roo all agree that Raffy needs to be pushed more during her tutoring session. When Roo marks a test paper by Raffy, she’s astounded by how well she has done and has a suggestion for John and Marilyn…