Walter continues to keep up his act of being Sonya’s uncle, though he nearly comes unstuck when he finds himself standing up at an AA meeting and sharing his life story. Later, enjoying a secret beer at the men’s shed, he’s busted by Toadie, who’s worried about the influence Walter will have on Sonya. Walter says all the right things and reluctantly Toadie agrees to allow the setback to stay between the two of them. However, when Walter finds himself unsupervised at the nursery, he helps himself to money from the till. Later, Sonya discovers Walter’s luggage is missing and worries something is wrong.

Chris reveals to Josh what he knows about Hudson’s drug taking and Josh subsequently uses it to get out of his contract with Don. Don threatens him, warning him that dobbing him in will be bad for Josh’s career. Joshua turns to his father for advice, and Brad agrees to talk to Don, who admits his wrongdoings and reveals he’s decided to give up coaching forever.

Chris learns from Hudson that Don has let him go. Hudson is devastated and decides he needs to sort out what his next step should be – meaning he and Chris must part ways.