Walter takes drastic measures to save Zoe

When Zoe is rushed to hospital, Karl tells Sonya that Nell is a match. Sonya is compelled to tell the family, putting pressure on Nell to donate and leaving Toadie upset that she went behind his back. Walter seemingly accepts their decision to give the matter more thought and announces his and Zoe’s plans to return to Sydney. He asks to pick up Nell for a final goodbye, but when Sonya and Toadie return home, Nell is gone – along with Walter and Zoe’s bags.

Paul’s released from prison and Steph promises to give him back his share of the hotel, if he pays her back $50,000. Paul organises an interview with the West Waratah Star then hacks into the Star’s online database changing the story into a highly defamatory piece. Paul then negotiates with the editor and not only secures a cheque for $50,000 compensation, but gets his niece, Madison a job. Paul presents Steph the cheque and the pair become business partners again.

Terese apologises and declares her love for Paul – but he’s unmoved. If she truly loved him, she would have believed in his innocence when he begged her to listen. Whatever they had is over.