As she gets more involved in the council corruption story, Summer asks Dane for information on the guy who told him about the bribes in the first place. However, Dane’s not keen on being involved and tells her he can’t remember much about him or the conversation.

When Summer manages to track him down, she hits another hurdle when the guy tells her he heard the rumour from the cleaner in the tea room, and she’d just been fired. As she leaves, she bumps into Toadie who asks her if she retracted her accusations, and she lies, telling him she did. Andrew tries to assure her no one really listens to PirateNet and just as she’s calming down, Lou presents her with the newspaper – her accusations have made the front page. Realising what Paul’s done, she accuses him of using her. When Toadie sees the front page, he heads straight to the station to see Summer, telling her she has no idea what’s she done, and the council are going to shut down the PirateNet immediately.

Worried about his parents, Mal tries to distract Karl and Susan from what’s going on in their lives. Both of them realise what he’s trying to do, so when Sonya approaches Susan about setting up a book club, she assumes Mal’s behind it. However, he believes it’s Jade’s idea.