War breaks out in the Barnes’ house

Despite it being Sarah’s birthday, the atmosphere at the Barnes’ house is uneasy with Sarah feeling uncomfortable with Kathy’s return, and Mike shocked when Ste produces a present for Sarah. Later, Mike blames Ste when he finds cash missing from the shop and chucks him out.

But he’s stunned when Amy sticks up for Ste, claiming she stole the money because her family abandoned her. Disbelieving Mike chucks Ste out of the house anyway, prompting Amy to follow him out of the family home, leaving her family in turmoil.

Rhys and Beth are horrified and confused to discover they are in fact siblings, while Neville is confused by their extreme reaction to the news, unaware of Rhys and Beth’s amorous past. Reluctantly, Beth accepts Neville’s invitation to come home, but the revulsion of their past passion ends up turning she and Rhys against each other.

Max reluctantly agrees to dinner at the Osbornes after Steph threatens to withhold sex. However, when Frankie tells her she’s taken on too much with Max and Tom, Steph is left questioning her maternal instincts. The dinner goes from bad to worse when Max’s efforts to chat to Newt are met with moody silences and Frankie’s tactless remark leads to a disastrous row.