War is hell for William and Matthew

Downton prepares for a concert to boost the morale of the convalescing officers and the tension between Isobel and Cora increases when Isobel finds out she has been overruled.

Mary is determined to move on from Matthew and Violet grills her about Carlisle, but when Robert receives a letter from the media mogul, he has a difficult conversation with his daughter.

William is at the front as Matthew’s valet, but as they try to return to their lines during a patrol the enemy has them in their sights. All at Downton fear the worst, but as the concert gets underway they both arrive safely home.

Meanwhile, Robert pays a visit to Bates and tries to persuade him to return to Downton and Mrs Patmore secretly does her bit for the war effort by helping the Crawleys’ cook, Mrs Bird, with her soup kitchen. But O’Brien unveils the illicit plan to Cora. Branson promises Carson that he will now be on his best behaviour so that he can stay at Downton, but it soon becomes clear he only wants to stay to be with Sybil.

Mrs Hughes is shocked when a distressed Ethel turns up below stairs and announces that she is pregnant.

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