The relaunched Planet of the Apes trilogy reaches a rousing conclusion with a blockbuster adventure that combines epic spectacle, moral complexity and surprising emotional depth.

It is 15 years after the so-called Simian Flu virus started making humans sick and apes smart. And with the struggle for mastery between the two species nearing its final stage, we find Andy Serkis’ rebel ape leader Caesar locked in mortal enmity with Woody Harrelson’s sadistic military commander.

Caesar undertakes a vengeance-fuelled quest with a handful of comrades, including big-hearted orangutan Maurice (Karin Konoval), and picks up two new companions along the way, mute child Nova (Amiah Miller) and former zoo chimp Bad Ape (Steve Zahn).

As before, the apes occupy the moral high ground and once again Serkis and his fellow ape-actors perform motion-capture marvels in their roles, adding pathos and poignancy to the often thrilling action.