Worried Warren’s dodgy mates Carl and Anthony are bad news, Louise orders him to get rid of them. When Warren drags his heels, Louise takes matters into her own hands and orders them to be gone by the time she gets back from work. But she is frightened when Anthony roughs her up, and Carl warns her not to say anything to Warren unless she wants them to dump him in it as well.

Later, Carl and Anthony think the game is up when they see Louise talking to Calvin. But they decide to stick around after overhearing Warren and Jack shake on a deal: Warren will give up The Dog if Jack comes up with a £100,000.

Frankie’s family lunch ends up being a tense and awkward affair with Darren making snide remarks about Jake’s honeymoon, his appalling appearance and Nancy leaving him. Jake retaliates by reminding him that the family would not be in this mess if he hadn’t gambled away the pub.

Also, Louise confides to Carmel about her fears over Warren’s house guests, Carl and Anthony. But Carmel is dismayed when Calvin doesn’t take the information seriously.

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