Warren awaits the verdict

Warren’s trial comes to an end with everyone shocked over Mercedes’ surprise evidence, not least a devastated Russ, who heads home from court, not knowing how he is going to cope with his wife’s betrayal. Meanwhile, an anxious Warren, Clare, Katy and Louise wait nervously for the jury to return their verdict on Warren, and seal his fate.

Convinced that Max has a secret crush on Steph, cunning OB decides to play cupid by arranging a special dinner date for the pair. However, when the smitten Tom questions OB, he jumps to the conclusion that Steph is coming over to see him, not Max.

Later, Max is annoyed that he’s been set up by an audacious OB, but is very confused when Tom arrives, all dressed up, and invites Steph to join him for dinner. Not wanting to hurt Tom’s feelings, Steph joins Tom at his dinner table as Max looks on. Max can’t help being impressed by Steph, and an oblivious OB is convinced his matchmaking plan has worked a treat when he returns home.