Warren catches up with Ste

Although Katy suspects Warren burned down Evissa for the insurance cash, she urges him to talk to Calvin and the police if he’s got nothing to hide. Warren returns home after questioning and manages to convince Katy he would never do anything to hurt her and Louise as they are his only real family. Furious Warren is determined to find the real culprit, and after overhearing Ste boasting to Josh, grimly realises he’s found his man.

Carmel confides in Frankie that she suspects Calvin is not over Louise. Eager to be proved wrong, she probes Calvin, but is upset when it seems all he cares about is Louise.

Gilly, Neville and Rhys decide to throw Beth a surprise party, while Suzanne is pleased Hannah is going to be released from hospital and plans to surprise the family at the same time. But Hannah is shocked to arrive home to find Beth the centre of attention.

A dejected Jake jumps at the chance to get things off his chest at the Rant Club and, encouraged by Malachy, jumps on stage to rant about his lack of job and cash. However, cheers turn to boos as he goes over his allotted time and an embarrassed Malachy has to drag him off.