A hungover Louise wakes up panicking about Warren‘s whereabouts. She is relieved when Mark informs her that Warren is injured but alive. Rushing to hospital, Louise throws herself into Warren’s arms. Mark visits Warren and, surprised to see Mandy there, makes a barbed comment about her. Warren puts Mark in his place and the pair reach a mutual understanding that things between them aren’t finished. Later, alone with Warren, Mandy is devastated to hear he’s changed his mind about leaving and wants Louise instead of her.

Calvin is relieved to learn that Warren is conscious in hospital and not looking for revenge. They discuss Mark’s assault and agree that it would be mutually beneficial for Calvin to stay on Warren’s side. Meanwhile, after worrying all night about Calvin, Carmel is upset when she hears about Warren’s attack and suspects Calvin’s involvement. Confronting Calvin, Carmel only winds him up even more and leads him to bend the truth for the second time.

Also, Cindy enjoys flirting with Rhys and winding up Suzanne and Josh at the same time. As Suzanne gets further irritated, Rhys is drawn further under Cindy’s spell.

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