Warren comes to Frankie’s aid

Steph and Kris are impressed with Frankie’s resolve to carry on life at the pub, unaware that in reality, she is falling apart. Things get worse at opening time when they discover their first punter of the day is actually from the debt collecting agency, and wants the £230,000 that Jack owes. Steph is impressed when Warren turns up to help out, paying off the debt collector for a couple of weeks to let the family grieve.

John Paul pitches his ‘gay night’ idea to Warren, who turns him down after learning he wants a slice of the profits. As Louise and Mandy head into town, they’re unaware that Cindy is trying to get her wicked way with Warren at The Loft. Meanwhile, Louise overrides Warren’s decision by agreeing to John Paul’s gay night idea, offering him his requested share of the proceeds. Back at The Loft, Louise and Mandy walk in on Cindy flirting with Warren. After a humiliating put down from both Warren and Louise, humiliated Cindy leaves.

Frustrated with her family’s overbearing attitude, Sasha cons Leo into letting her go for some supplies at Drive ‘N’ Buy. However, she ends up packing her clothes and fleeing the house, leaving a hurried note for her family.

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