Warren discovers Brendan’s drug stash!

Doug goes to see Brendan at the club to score some drugs but when he sees Warren behind him he asks him about holding a student night. Brendan understands and calls him into the office to give him the drugs. On the way out Warren spots Doug handing a parcel to Tex. Later, Warren is privately triumphant when he discovers Brendan’s drug stash.

Texas is struggling when the police say they are releasing India’s body and her scatty mum isn’t helping. Later, she breaks down in front of Doug, begging him to score her some drugs so she can get through the funeral. Doug tries to tell her he isn’t that person anymore but caves in when he sees how much she’s hurting.

Mercy returns home and the McQueen clan excitedly start planning the wedding, but Riley throws a spanner in the works when he agrees his mum can help. Mercy tries to tell him that it’s her family that should be panning the wedding but Riley can’t bring himself to let his mum down.

Also; Tom is terrified as he confesses all to the police. But it’s bad news when the police tell him he will have to go to court and could face charges.

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